By attending the program, you will also receive several incredible bonuses:

  • My 2018 Annual Road-map & Strategic Plan. This is the plan I’ve used for 11 years to “GO DEEP” on my business and self and helps set the strategy in motion. And I’m giving it to you as a bonus. This alone is worth the ENTIRE cost of the program.
  • Bonus Coaching Call to take place on December 12th. We will cover the “5 Things You MUST DO to Ignite Your 2018 NOW.”
  • One 90-Minute Group Laser-Coaching Session with Todd—on January 18th. This is where any/all attendees will have their burning, most-pressing questions answered by Todd.
  • A special private Facebook Coaching Group 6 weeks leading up to the Mentorship. This will help you maximize your experience. This Facebook Coaching Group will be left “open” for 90 days following the Mentorship so that attendees can continue to connect. This group is only for February 2018, 3.5 Day Mentorees and Todd & his team will be leading it.
  • Every single lecture/presentation on video from the Mentorship!!! Yes, you read that correctly. So not only will you have the opportunity to hear & see the presentations LIVE (and there is nothing better than LIVE), you also get to keep every single session from the Mentorship for LIFE via video—and listen to them over & over again!!! #Extraordinary
  • Keynote Presentation CONTAGIASM from Blogfest at IDEA World Fitness Conference. This is Todd’s Keynote from IDEA Wolrd on having energy and enthusiasm in all that we do!
  • Top 10 Lessons worth a Million Dollars. This is Todd’s keynote talk from Perform Better. And since we captured it all on film, every attendee will also get his entire 1-hour talk on DVD as well. And as always, Todd went “and then some” and actually delivered “15” lessons that are worth over 10 million dollars combined. Literally.
  • The “TD TRAINER PACK.” This is a 5-part audio teleseminar series that includes:
    • Going Deep with Todd Durkin
    • Going for Greatness in All Areas of Your Life & Business
    • Start-Up–Insights to help you launch a successful fitness training business.
    • TD’s Personal Productivity Plan
    • Q & A for the Aspiring Next-Level Trainer



AND THEN SOME…You are going to be shocked with ALL that you are about to receive to help make your business & LIFE succeed.

I am going to do everything possible to help you get to the next level. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

My 3.5 Day Program has a complete 100% money-back guarantee. The BONUSES alone are worth more than the program investment. And the actual 3.5 Day Mentorship experience is going to blow your socks off.

And I am proud to say in 17 previous Mentorships, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has ever asked for their money back. Ever.”

If you are ready for the most amazing, uniquely personal and professional development experience that ANYONE in the fitness industry can receive…NOW IS THE TIME TO APPLY!!!

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