Frequently Asked Questions about the Todd Durkin 3.5 Day Mentorship

1. When does Fitness Quest 10 offer the 3.5 Day Mentorship Program? 

The Mentorship is offered only once every year, and this year it will be November 7th-10th, 2019. 

There is an optional, “Open Observation” day on Wednesday, November 6th for anyone who wants to take advantage of that and be a fly on the wall. There is no additional charge for the Open Observation days and is a unique opportunity to watch/learn the inner-workings at Fitness Quest 10. 

Additionally, there are “Pre-Cons” on Thursday, November 7th starting at 8:30 am. These are included in the cost of the program but are optional to attend.

2. What time does the program start on Thursday, November 7th? 

While the program officially starts at Fitness Quest 10 at 12 noon on Thursday, there will be “Pre-Cons” on Thursday morning starting at 8:30 am at Fitness Quest 10. These always get rave reviews and we highly encourage you to be here for those if possible. 

And if you want the additional “observation” time, you can do that on Wednesday, February 6th.

3. How much of the 3.5 Day Mentorship is focused on business development? 

The itinerary is scheduled so that about 90% of the time will be spent on business, leadership, branding/marketing & personal development. Approximately 10% of the time will be spent on workouts and practical training methods.

4. How much time does Todd actually teach/present at the Mentorship? 

Todd will lead over 18 total hours of instruction in the Mentorship so it truly is a unique experience to learn from one of the most successful trainers, coaches, and fitness entrepreneurs of our time. He will be there the entire time as he takes great pride in this program.

5. Will Todd be leading any workouts during the Mentorship? 

Yes, you better believe it. He will be leading one workout at the legendary Fitness Quest 10 and he will be leading one of his epic Boot Camp experiences. 

There will be one other opportunity to workout if you desire. Our hope is that every day that you are empowered physically and mentally, along with all your personal and professional growth.

6. Who will most benefit from the Mentorship?

A wide variety of people will benefit from this program – personal trainers and strength coaches, fitness directors and Pilates instructors, yoga instructors and massage therapists, general managers and club owners, chiropractors and physical therapists. Those just starting out in the fitness field as well as seasoned veterans will gain valuable insight into what steps to take next in their business and life to sky-rocket their success into the stratosphere. 

The Mentorship program definitely is an intensive program taught at more of an “advanced” level so we do request a mindset of entrepreneurism for any attendee. 

Additionally, we have even had spouses attend the event so they could go through the many different personal development exercises we do and better understand the way YOU think! 

20-30% of the Mentorship is made-up of people who are “outside” of fitness but are entrepreneurs who want to be exposed to the highest-caliber content and material under the sun for personal and professional growth and mastery.

Todd Durkin's 3.5 Day LIVE Mentorship 20157. Are the topics covered in the Mentorship program the same every year? 

NO! The topics that are covered during the program vary for every Mentorship program we offer. We keep the program as dynamic and cutting-edge as possible, so we are continually changing the topics that are included with each 3.5 Day Mentorship experience. 

That being said, there is always best-in-class content on business development and strategy, leadership and personal growth, marketing, social media, developing a world-class team and culture, and other topics designed to help you maximize your business and life.

8. Will I get CEU’s for attending the program? 

Yes, we will have CEU’s available from the NSCA, NASM, and ACE for this program.

9. What is the cost of the 3.5 Day Mentorship Program and what is included? 

The total cost is $1,997, and the cost covers all three and a half days of the program, the Pre-cons, unlimited use of our state-of-the-art facilities, unlimited observation of sessions, and a catered dinner/social at Todd’s house one evening. The lunches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and breakfast on Saturday will be included as well. You will be responsible for your airfare and hotel, and transportation. There are also optional observation days on Wednesday, November 6th.

Todd Durkin's 3.5 Day LIVE Mentorship 2015

10. Do you offer any special incentives for this program? 

Yes, we offer three specials for this program: 

  1. The first incentive is our Early Bird Special. If you apply and make a payment before September 15th, 2019, you’ll receive $500 off the total cost of the program! You will also receive a 30-minute laser coaching call with a TD Certified Mastermind Coach and a group coaching with Todd.
  2. The second incentive we offer is a Buddy Special that gets a friend, or multiple friends, in for only $998.50 each. You read that right! If you want to come with 2, 3, or 4 of your friends, colleagues or coworkers, EACH additional person gets the Mentorship for a 50% savings off the regular price. You can split the total cost with your friends, or you can gift them with this savings. So the more people from your “tribe” you bring, you can essentially reduce the price that you pay.
  3. As our Mentorships have grown and evolved we have had more managers and owners bring teammates and employees to the program. This year we are offering special pricing for teams of 5 or more attending the program. Bring your team for $895.50 each! This program is guaranteed to build comradery, build a vision, skyrocket your teams’ productivity. It will help you build your business from the ground up so everyone can flourish and grow!

11. Is there a payment plan option available? 

Yes, simply apply for the Mentorship. If you have more questions, please email Ryan at ryan_rogers@hotmail.com. 

12. What hotel should I stay at for the Mentorship? 

We have an incredible special rate at the host resort for this event, the beautiful Torrey Pines Hilton, a world-class venue located in La Jolla, CA. The hotel is 20 minutes from downtown San Diego and just 20 minutes away from Fitness Quest 10. You will be able to maximize your experience while at the Mentorship by staying here at the resort and minimize any stress from having to do any additional travel back and forth for the program. 

Additionally, by staying at the Torrey Pines Hilton with your fellow Mentorees, it will not only immerse you in an exclusive environment, but it will also allow you to optimize your networking opportunities as well.

13. What do I need to bring to the program? 

Bring a mind ready to soak up the latest strategies, innovations, tips, tools, & tactics to enhance your business & personal development. And then after that, bring some comfortable clothes to take copious notes, 4 pairs of workout clothes, and a dress casual outfit for our special dinner/social at Todd’s house sponsored by Perform Better. 

The temperatures here in November averages 65-70 degrees, so pack your bags accordingly, and bring a light jacket for some cooler temperatures at night. 

14. When should I book my flights for the Mentorship? 

You should ideally fly into San Diego International Airport on Wednesday, November 6th. We officially start the program at 12 noon on Thursday, November 7th. We will have some exciting content in our “PRECON” program happening Thursday morning starting at 8:30 am. 

There is no additional charge for the “PRECON.” That will be held at Fitness Quest 10. 

On Sunday, November 10th, you should book your departure flights at 5 pm PST or later to allow enough time after we wrap up the program to get to the airport. We will finish at 3 pm on Sunday, November 10th. 

Many past Mentorees have stayed one extra night to digest all the content and empowerment that will be delivered and that extra night always proves to be extremely valuable. 

If you are planning on staying for the “ADD-ON” day, we will finish that at 5 pm on Monday, November 11th. Plan your return trip accordingly.

15. Do I need to rent a car for travel during the Mentorship?

You can rent a car or use Uber. Everything is within 20 minutes so transportation will never be an issue. If you want to take Uber to the Torrey Pines Hilton or from the hotel to the Airport, it will cost approximately $30.00. An Uber to Fitness Quest 10 from the Torrey Pines Hilton will cost approximately $25.00. You can always split that with some of your fellow mentorees.

To help with transportation, all attendees will be connected in our private, exclusive Facebook group starting 1-month prior to the event, so you can organize ride-sharing, etc. with each other if you prefer.

16. Do I need to prepare in advance before I come to San Diego?

The most important thing you can do is prepare yourself for some amazing content that will be delivered. Todd will start to “coach” you about 30-days PRIOR to the Mentorship to get you amped-up and ready to go. 

Once you sign up and register for the 3.5 Day Mentorship, Todd will be sending out a ton of information and some “Recommended Reads” to help get you ready also.

17. How do I apply for the Mentorship?

Simply fill out the application in its entirety and share as much as you desire on each question. Todd does read EVERY application and we want people that sincerely want to enhance their life, make a difference in other people’s lives, and be a leader in this industry. Past mentorees become part of a family and we want people who are ready to step up and play BIG

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