Here are the 5 “Pre-Con” workshops you will receive:

“Developing Your Sports Performance and Youth Camp Programs”

by Jeff King, Director of Athletics, Fitness Quest 10


Between summer camps, “seasonal” training, specialty camps/clinics/sessions, there are many methods to help you GROW your sports performance program.

In this program, Jeff will discuss the 7 things you MUST-DO to maximize the success potential of your program.
Jeff-KingJeff King
is the Director of Athletics at Fitness Quest 10 where he oversees all aspects of the athletic program. Jeff has worked with hundreds of athletes of all levels from all sports ranging from age 8-18. He specializes in long-term athletic development. Jeff has over 10 years of experience in the strength and conditioning field. In addition to his extensive training background, Jeff is the co-author of the e-book: “Pigskin Prep: The Definitive Youth Training Football Program.”

“Delivering Legendary Customer Service” — The Fitness Quest 10 Way!!!

by Julie Wilcox, General Manager, Fitness Quest 10


Julie Wilcox - Fitness Quest 10For the past 10 years, Julie Wilcox has been the GM at Fitness Quest 10. And she will share the “10 Must Do’s to Create Legendary Customer Service” in your training business. She will enlighten you, empower you, and make you think, “Man…I gotta step up my game!!!”

Prior to joining the Fitness Quest 10 team she spent 14 years in the retail business with Nordstrom, managing the Collectors/Couture Department and serving as a Nordstrom liaison for charitable events conducted in the greater San Diego community. Julie has brought the world class Nordstrom customer service to Fitness Quest 10 where we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Coaching Your Tail Off

With Frank Pucher, Larry Indiviglia, Kelli Corasanti, and Jenn Lormand


Whether you are training clients 1-1, small-group training, large-group training, or coaching clients in an online environment or coaching group, COACHING is the name of the game.

Hear from 4 of Todd’s top coaches on the 4 critical aspects of changing behavior, changing lives, & transforming one’s belief system. #Deep

Frank Pucher, Larry Indiviglia, Kelli Corsanti, Jenn Lormand

“Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Your Brand” 

by Rob Ewing, Director of Digital Media, Fitness Quest 10


Rob Ewing, Director of Digital Media, Fitness Quest 10Are you struggling to gain traction online? Learn how to maximize your time on social media and build an effective brand.

Online marketing is a necessary skill for your business to take it’s next step and here you will learn the foundation of why and how to start correctly.

The 3.5 Day Live Mentorship is a perfect launch pad to kick start your marketing and these tips will leverage your weekend as well.

“The Magic Kingdom – The Three Magical Questions You Must Ask in a Tour or Consultation” 

by Stephanie Anderson, Director of First Impressions, Fitness Quest 10


Stephanie Anderson, Fitness Quest 10Stephanie Anderson is one of our Front Desk Administrative Assistants. She is a native San Diegan with a 20 year educational and work background in the Fashion and Retail Industries.

Not so coincidentally, she worked for our Business Manager Julie Wilcox at Nordstrom for over 5 years. She was the personal assistant to the number one salesperson in the entire Nordstrom organization. Stephanie and Julie’s paths crossed years later when she became a client at Fitness Quest 10 and not surprisingly fell in love with the energy and atmosphere.