Here are some of the “Pre-Con” workshops you will receive:


“Delivering Legendary Customer Service” — The Fitness Quest 10 Way!!!

by Julie Wilcox, General Manager, Fitness Quest 10


Julie Wilcox - Fitness Quest 10For the past 11 years, Julie Wilcox has been the GM at Fitness Quest 10. And she will share the “10 Must Do’s to Create Legendary Customer Service” in your training business. She will enlighten you, empower you, and make you think, “Man…I gotta step up my game!!!”

Prior to joining the Fitness Quest 10 team, she spent 14 years in the retail business with Nordstrom, managing the Collectors/Couture Department and serving as a Nordstrom liaison for charitable events conducted in the greater San Diego community. Julie has brought the world-class Nordstrom customer service to Fitness Quest 10 where we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Coaching Your Tail Off

With Frank Pucher, Larry Indiviglia, Kelli Corasanti, and Jenn Lormand


Whether you are training clients 1-1, small-group training, large-group training, or coaching clients in an online environment or coaching group, COACHING is the name of the game.

Hear from 4 of Todd’s top coaches on the 4 critical aspects of changing behavior, changing lives, & transforming one’s belief system. #Deep

Frank Pucher, Larry Indiviglia, Kelli Corsanti, Jenn Lormand

“Backstage Magic”

by Rachel Rios and Amelianne Johannes


Hear real-life lessons from Amelianne Johannes, TDE Project Specialist, and Rachel Rios, Director of First Impressions Lead, on how to grow your employees to improve your business’s bottom line.  Learn how to identify the strengths of your support staff, so as they grow your company grows.

Both Amelianne and Rachel started as a Director of First Impressions and have since progressed to positions that directly impact monthly revenue for Fitness Quest 10 and Todd Durkin Enterprises. Their stories demonstrate the importance and benefit of growing your leadership team internally.

“The Bigger Your Dream, The More Important Your Team”

by Jeff Bristol


Assistant General Manager, Jeff Bristol will be sharing how to build a world class team. Jeff started working at Fitness Quest 10 as a Director of First Impressions and then transitioned into one of our head trainers. He is now a part of the leadership team and has great insight on the culture of Fitness Quest 10 and the importance of the team. He will share with you the key factors to look for when growing your team and how you can create a community that people want to be a part of.