In addition to Todd Durkin presenting over 15 hours of incredible, exclusive content, he has assembled a world-class team of guest presenters that he has hand-chosen.

Let’s meet some of the PRESENTERS now.

“Competition Combat”

by Travis Barnes

Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you find that you are losing members to the competition? The solution to this is to implement extraordinary customer care systems that differentiate you from the competition and also to connect with connectors in your community so that you have Top Of Mind Awareness with all the influencers.

In this session you will learn over 20 world class customer care systems to help you retain your members and combat the competition. You will also learn SYSTEMs and strategies to help you become the top recommended brand in your community!

Travis and Cindy BarnesTravis Barnes & Cyndy Barnes are the founders and franchisors of Journey 333. They are ACE certified personal trainers, authors of the book Journey Fitness with forward written by Todd Durkin and co-authors of 52 Amazing Journeys.  They own 3 locations in upstate New York and recently became a franchise.  It is their passion to teach fit pros how to systemize their business for success.

Website: Journey Fitness

“Build Your Best Business in Life Your Head First

by Trina Gray

Business is hard. Life is a journey. To thrive, you need tough skin and a soft heart. You must be spiritually, physically and emotionally in tact to have a chance at building a strong business.

Join award winning entrepreneur, health club owner and business mentor Trina Gray for a deep dive into building a business and life of your dreams. She shares her top personal development tips from the year and shows you how to apply them to your goals. Learn to own your thoughts and channel them to work for you.

Trina Gray is a respected fitness entrepreneur and national presenter who inspires greatness in others. Audiences say that her enthusiasm is infectious and her stories are real and relatable. She draws from a deep well of experience. She created two, million-dollar businesses from scratch – an award winning health club in a small community and on-line fitness coaching team.

Trina was a rising journalist who dove headfirst into the fitness industry, using her communication skills and passion for fitness to ignite a crusade. At the young age of 29, she opened Bay Athletic Club, an award-winning, full-service health club and later Bay Urban Fitness, a vibrant training studio. She created the Corporate Fit Challenge, a workplace wellness program that overhauled her community and is now sold worldwide. Trina packaged her expertise to help others grow a successful career in fitness. To do so, she co-founded Team Rockstar Fit, an on-line fitness coaching team and mastermind group across the U.S. and Canada. This team of independent Team Beachbody Coaches is made up of thousands of talented fitness professionals and enthusiasts who want to live fit and upgrade their own life while helping others.

Website: Trina Gray

“From Dream to Publish”

by Greg Justice and Kelli Watson

Do you have a dream to write a book? Do you want to become a published author but don’t know where to begin? Are you afraid that you don’t write well enough, or won’t have enough to say? Should you self-publish, and are you concerned about the cost?

This presentation, will answers all of those questions … and more! From Dream to Published will walk you through a 7-step process, that help make that dream come true.

Why publish a book?

*It helps increase your authority and builds credibility!
*It provides new business opportunities!
*It produces additional revenue streams!
*And it elevates your status as a thought leader in your community or industry!

Greg JusticeGreg Justice, MA, is a best-selling author, speaker and fitness entrepreneur. He owns AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Center, established May 1986, and Greg Justice Enterprises. He has personally trained more than 50,000+ one-on-one sessions. Today, AYC specializes in corporate wellness and personal training.

Greg writes articles for many industry publications including Women’s Health, IDEA Fitness Journal, American Fitness Magazine and Prevention magazine . He is a columnist (Treadmill Talk) for Personal Fitness Professional magazine and is a feature columnist for Corporate Wellness magazine. He has authored 9 books, including Treadside Manner – Confessions of a Serial Personal Trainer; Mind Your Own Fitness–Lies & Myths about Corporate Wellness; Mind Over Fatter – The Psychology of Weight Loss; and Mind Over Head Chatter – The Psychology of Athletic Success.

Website: AYC Health & Fitness

The 5-Step Online Business Startup Formula”

by Vito La Fata

Starting an online business is a must today if you want more freedom, income and impact.

However, knowing where to start, what to do first, second and third, and so on can feel overwhelming, paralyzing and confusing given all the “gurus” and “systems” in the market today.

Join Vito La Fata former trainer, studio owner, and now online entrepreneur as he walks you step by step through the 5 phases of building a 6-figure plus online fitness business even if you have no list, no social media following, no offers or experience online yet!

All you need to bring to this session is your expertise and you will walk away with the game plan to start up your online business from scratch!

Vito La FataVito La Fata is the founder and CEO of Fitness Profit Systems, a high performance business and fitness coach, certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and entrepreneur. He has impacted thousands of people with business coaching, fitness programs, weight loss, and helping create online businesses.

Vito helps fitness professionals develop a plan to take their passion for fitness and turn it into profit so that they can live “the Fitnesspreneur’s Life” and possess the ability to launch their business, income and lifestyle above the industry norm. Vito’s business and marketing strategies help fitness professionals attract income, generate wealth, create high performance and achieve success with his Fitness Profit Systems, Business and Marketing Coaching, Team Rockstar Fit & BeachBody opportunities.

As an internationally recognized speaker and writer, he has contributed to IDEA Health, IHRSA World Conference, MindBody Conference, Australian Fitness Health Expo, Todd Durkin Mastermind Group, Canfitpro, Fitness Business Summit and Fitness and Club Industry.

Website: Vito La Fata

Instilling the Owner’s Mentality into your organization through profit sharing”

by Andrew Simpson

You want 3 things:

  1. You want your team members to hustle like you do
  2. You want them to treat the business like it is theirs
  3. You want to be surrounded all day long by eagles who soar next to you

The problem is, most fitness business owners do not have compensation plans that lead to those three results. This session will empower you to be the uncommon leader others crave to work for, and equip you with the tools you need to build a profit sharing plan and an owner’s mentality culture.

Andrew Simpson founded Player’s Fitness and Performance in Frederick, MD during the Summer of 2013. He has been a competitive athlete his entire life. Sports are in his blood. He discovered he had a passion for Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Human Performance in 2010 and decided to blend this with his love for athletics.

He and his team have been blessed with the responsibility to mentor and develop hundreds of middle and high school students in the Frederick area. Andrew’s mission is to inspire youth to live uncommon lives and to be bold enough to become extraordinary leaders.

Website: Players Fitness and Performance

My $120,000 Mistake”

by Ivan Barrera

In this presentation Ivan will discuss what he thought was his next big thing in his career, but little did he know, it would be his next big disaster in his career.

Listen up on the lessons learned from this experience and what he did to come out of it a better and happier version of himself.

Ivan BarreraIvan Barrera says, “My one true passion in life is to inspire and empower individuals to be the very best version of themselves. Since the age of 17 which was the start of my fitness career, I knew this was my sole purpose in life. I have been consistently learning the changing trends of the fitness industry to provide my clients with the very best environment, the best service possible, and continue making Faster Fitness the very best gym in the area. My team and I will stop at nothing to get you where you want to be.”


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Training for Warriors Certified

Website: Faster Fitness

Designing Your Business and Life”

by Gary Swarni

How in the fitness industry you can design your ideal business and life. In 2010 I was feeling lost in the industry. I didn’t think that I was going to make it for much longer. It was time to find a new career. That’s when I learned how to actually design my business to my passions in life. It’s been a journey and I’ve learned a ton along the way. The possibility is always there for us to succeed. The question is what are you doing about? Here a few ways to understand How To look at your business and success. 

Gary Swarni has worn many hats over the last 20 years in the Health and Fitness Industry. Having started in commercial and residential construction industry, moving on to joining  a private equity firm whose main focus was in the health and wellness sector and then becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Gary has done everything from starting his own brick and mortar fitness studios, Online Fitness Training,  creating the Elevate Men’s Group Seminars, Business Coaching and developing a fast growing Design/Construction Fitness Center business.

Gary really knows how to get out of his comfort zone. Challenging his body and mind  in the NYC Marathon, completing SealFit Kokoro to many more endurance challenges. But mainly prides  himself in being a husband and father of 2.

The  last few years Gary has taken helping individuals achieve their fitness and business goals to another level. Gary pays it forward by really being present in every step of the way in all his endeavors.

Website: Elevate Fitness

A Roadmap on How to Become a Successful Business Enterpreneur”

by Pete Holman

Whether you are you interested in launching a business in the fitness space or have a business that is plateaued, this session is for you? Join Pete Holman, creator of the TRX Rip Trainer and the Nautilus Glute Drive, as he shares with you his winning formula on how to bring a concept to reality and some of the hurdles along the way. Without a business degree or background in finance, Pete has managed to gross over $25 million in worldwide product sales in the last nine years. Join Pete as he shares his roadmap to success in this game changing session.

Pete Holman is a Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, US National TaeKwon-Do champion and former US National TaeKwon-Do Team captain. Pete has 16 years experience working in rehab medicine and as a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has performed Physical Therapy services with Hollywood stars the likes of Kevin Costner and Ed Bradley and Fortune 500 business moguls like the owners of Progressive Insurance and Jones Apparel of New York. He has also worked with professional athletes and strength coaches from the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC and X-Games. Pete is the creator of the TRX Rip Trainer and is actively involved in programming and education delivery of TRX content worldwide. Specializing in biomechanics, core performance and agility, Pete uses his experience as an elite level athlete and his knowledge of the physical and mental systems in the body, to bring out the “athlete” in us all.  Pete is an active contributor to IDEA Fitness Journal, STACK Magazine and PTontheNet.

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