In addition to Todd Durkin presenting over 15 hours of incredible, exclusive content, he has assembled a world-class team of guest presenters that he has hand-chosen.

Let’s meet some of the PRESENTERS now.

“5 Locations in 4 Years: The Systems that Made it Possible”

by Travis Barnes

Do you make decisions for your company on the fly? Do you struggle to provide consistent customer service? How would you like to have more time and financial freedom?

Travis Barnes is a trainer just like you and he grew his million dollar fitness company, Journey Fitness, to 5 locations in less than 4 years.

Travis Barnes is the coauthor of the best-selling book “Results Fitness”, author of “Journey Fitness”, and Founder of Journey Fitness known for it’s exemplary customer service and business systems. In this talk he will share with you the systems he used so that you, too, can create success in your life and business.

Travis and Cindy BarnesTravis Barnes and his wife Cyndy own Journey Fitness which includes locations in Corning and Elmira NY. They are in the process of opening their third location in Ithaca NY. They know what it takes to work together and systemize a business so it can run without them. In their first year of business they took week long trips to El Salvador and Cancun and shut down all electronics while away yet their business thrived while they were away running exactly the same. After just one year in business Journey Fitness was named Business of The Year. Travis has been in USA today and Women’s Health.

Travis is also a best-selling coauthor of the book “Results Fitness” written with industry leaders Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. Travis and his wife Cyndy, also recently released their own book called Journey Fitness.

Website: Journey Fitness

“OWN Your Time. OWN Your Life.”

by Trina Gray

You’ve heard the quote: “The way you live your days is in fact, the way you live your life”. Let’s put this quote into action. This high-energy, action-packed session will help you reduce stress, increase productivity and even skyrocket your job and life satisfaction.

Hear from multi-club owner, fitness entrepreneur, elite coach, presenter, wife and mom Trina Gray. She will share her techniques for managing time and energy, dominating your career while enjoying R&R along the way.

Trina will help you identify what to cut and keep from your life along with her personal experience and outcomes. 

Trina GrayTrina Gray is a respected fitness entrepreneur and national presenter who inspires greatness in others. Audiences say that her enthusiasm is infectious and her stories are real and relatable. She draws from a deep well of experience. She created two, million-dollar businesses from scratch – an award winning health club in a small community and on-line fitness coaching team.

Trina was a rising journalist who dove headfirst into the fitness industry, using her communication skills and passion for fitness to ignite a crusade. At the young age of 29, she opened Bay Athletic Club, an award-winning, full-service health club and later Bay Urban Fitness, a vibrant training studio. She created the Corporate Fit Challenge, a workplace wellness program that overhauled her community and is now sold worldwide. Trina packaged her expertise to help others grow a successful career in fitness. To do so, she co-founded Team Rockstar Fit, an on-line fitness coaching team and mastermind group across the U.S. and Canada. This team of independent Team Beachbody Coaches is made up of thousands of talented fitness professionals and enthusiasts who want to live fit and upgrade their own life while helping others.

Website: Trina Gray

“Corporate Fitness – The Major Difference Between Regular and Corporate Fitness Programs”

by Greg Justice

Do you have a story you would like to tell? Do you want to share your story with others, but don’t know how to make it happen?

This presentation will teach you how to get your words on the page, find the right distribution, and explode your sales.

Whether you’re and experienced writer or not, you’ll learn the step-by-step process from inception to distribution, and everything in between.

“Author U” is all about establishing YOU as an expert, scaling your message, and expanding your horizons.

There’s no time like NOW for YOU to be the author of your own book!

How much impact would a six-figure corporate contract have on your business? That’s the potential impact in knowing the difference between regular and corporate fitness classes.  In this presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • The Paying Client
  • The Exercising Client
  • The Environment
  • The Motivation
  • The Payoff

Greg JusticeGreg Justice, MA, is a best-selling author, speaker and fitness entrepreneur. He owns AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Center, established May 1986, and Greg Justice Enterprises. He has personally trained more than 50,000+ one-on-one sessions. Today, AYC specializes in corporate wellness and personal training.

Greg writes articles for many industry publications including Women’s Health, IDEA Fitness Journal, American Fitness Magazine and Prevention magazine . He is a columnist (Treadmill Talk) for Personal Fitness Professional magazine and is a feature columnist for Corporate Wellness magazine. He has authored 9 books, including Treadside Manner – Confessions of a Serial Personal Trainer; Mind Your Own Fitness–Lies & Myths about Corporate Wellness; Mind Over Fatter – The Psychology of Weight Loss; and Mind Over Head Chatter – The Psychology of Athletic Success.

Website: AYC Health & Fitness

“The Client-Relationship Launch Formula: Audience First, Product Second”

by Vito La Fata

Crack the code of modern marketing with the power of content: build your audience first, then create your product.

Whether you’re a fitness start-up, a service provider or an established business struggling with traditional marketing, this session offers a step-by-step process for providing people with the exact solutions they’re looking for so you can grow your list and sell more of what people want to buy.

Vito La FataVito La Fata is the founder and CEO of Fitness Profit Systems, a high performance business and fitness coach, certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and entrepreneur. He has impacted thousands of people with business coaching, fitness programs, weight loss, and helping create online businesses.

Vito helps fitness professionals develop a plan to take their passion for fitness and turn it into profit so that they can live “the Fitnesspreneur’s Life” and possess the ability to launch their business, income and lifestyle above the industry norm. Vito’s business and marketing strategies help fitness professionals attract income, generate wealth, create high performance and achieve success with his Fitness Profit Systems, Business and Marketing Coaching, Team Rockstar Fit & BeachBody opportunities.

As an internationally recognized speaker and writer, he has contributed to IDEA Health, IHRSA World Conference, MindBody Conference, Australian Fitness Health Expo, Todd Durkin Mastermind Group, Canfitpro, Fitness Business Summit and Fitness and Club Industry.

Website: Vito La Fata

“How to Create a Specialty Training Camp That Attracts new Clients and Creates Raving Fans”

by Robin Robertson

Learn the essential elements to creating a revenue-generating specialty training camp that will set you apart from your competition.  In this session Robin will cover the power of your niche, why clients flock to you and the key to organizing and developing a periodized program that you can use again and again.

Join Robin for this power-packed session as she dives deep into the “secret sauce” elements that create culture, set your program above everyone else, and keep your clients coming back for more.


Robin RobertsonRobin Robertson says, “When you feel good, life seems better.  I believe that everyone has a starting point for feeling better – both internally with how your body works and feels and externally with how you look and carry yourself.  Every day brings an opportunity to do something good for yourself through exercise and making healthy choices.  And when you feel good, you share that with others, helping to make our world a friendlier place.

Besides helping members to feel fit, play hard, and enjoy life, I want to share my love of cycling and fitness with everyone!  I started running at a young age, mostly because my brothers were chasing me!  It was good training though, and I ran competitively through high school and at WWU.  However, I had to stop all impact sports at the age of 25 because of my bad pair of knees from a congenital condition and subsequent surgeries.  This meant no more running or skiing and so I turned to cycling, swearing it has held off a knee replacement and kept me strong – even with arthritis and a total of 8 knee surgeries (to date!).”

Website: Bellingham Tennis

“Build Your Dream Studio – 10 Steps to Opening the Studio of Your Dreams”

by Ashley Selman

Are you thinking of opening your own facility or expanding your existing one?

Are you unsure where to begin in the process, or what to even expect?

Listen in as Ashley shares her firsthand experiences and lessons learned while building and opening her world class 14,000 square foot facility.

In this presentation, you will gain insight into the following questions: Is having a studio the right direction for you? Who do you need to get on board to help you make it happen? What obstacles should you expect and how do you overcome them? What are the keys to making your facility stand out from the crowd and the hands-down most important ingredient to making your own brick and mortar studio a reality and a success!

Ashley SelmanAshley Selman owns and operates Evolution Trainers in Mountain View, CA, a cutting-edge performance and training facility that focuses on personal training, Semi-Private Training, massage therapy, chiropractic and physical therapy. She has over 30 industry leading personal trainers and health practitioners operating out of Evolution Trainers, creating a customized, high-end experience for Evolution’s clients.

Ashley has been recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Trainers in the Bay Area’ by the San Francisco Chronicle, and as one of the ‘Top 100 Trainers in the U.S.’ by Men’s Journal.

After working as a coach and personal trainer for over 15 years in a variety of training facilities in the Bay Area, Ashley put her energy into creating Evolution Trainers which was voted the Best Training Facility in Silicon Valley by both City Search and San Jose Magazine!

Website: Evolution Trainers

“Community Counts”

by Christopher Foote

Here’s a primer on how to make yourself – and your business – a respected and integral part of your community from the get-go. It’s told from the perspective of a fitness pro who moved across three states, bought a failing business and built its reputation and his own in record time, meeting and overcoming extreme challenges along the way.

How did he do it? Chris utilized three principals of building community, all of which came back to help him weather a severe unforeseen storm (or flood as the case may be!).

He’ll share his proven methods of building membership, empowering and inspiring staff.

CHRIS FOOTEIn 2010, Christopher Foote moved to Coronado Island, CA, from Albuquerque, New Mexico and purchased an under-performing gym in a market crowded with health-care options. In his first 3 years he built the membership membership of Coronado Fitness Club (CFC) from 50 to 600 members and replaced the initial staff of three under-performing employees with motivated fire-breathing professionals now numbering a staff of 21.

Coronado Fitness Club has been voted Best Gym in Coronado for 5 years and counting, and Chris and two fellow trainers have both been named Personal Trainers of the Year. Today CFC has expanded its space and offers more than 50 classes weekly in everything from Barre, MyZoneTraining, TRX, Spin, Yoga, Pilates and boot-camp classes.

Website: Coronado Fitness Club

“Short Term Programs for Long Term Success”

by Ivan Barrera

Are you still trying to grow your business with the “If You Build It They Will Come” mentality?

The days of new clients magically coming to you are over! It’s time for you to take control of generating new members consistently every single month.

In this session Ivan will help you discover who your clients are, how to find them, and how to get them in your business FAST!

Ivan BarreraIvan Barrera says, “My one true passion in life is to inspire and empower individuals to be the very best version of themselves. Since the age of 17 which was the start of my fitness career, I knew this was my sole purpose in life. I have been consistently learning the changing trends of the fitness industry to provide my clients with the very best environment, the best service possible, and continue making Faster Fitness the very best gym in the area. My team and I will stop at nothing to get you where you want to be.”


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Training for Warriors Certified

Website: Faster Fitness

“How To Open a Facility with 100’s of Paying Clients”

by Matthew Wilber

Matthew Wilber has opened 4 locations in under 3 years. He will be presenting on how he opened his 4th location with 450 clients and grossed over $50k in his first month in business.

This is the same strategy he uses to sell out his challenges and fill his locations where he has over 2,000 clients.

If you plan on opening a location of your own, or want to open a 2nd location, or are just struggling with getting clients in your doors, you are not going to want to miss this talk.

matthew-wilberMatthew Wilber is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. He is extremely passionate about helping people achieve their health, fitness and fat loss goals.

Website: Fit Body BootCamp

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