Todd Durkin 3.5 Day Mentorship
Video Highlights & Testimonials

Wow! Still hitting me how amazing the Fitness Professionals ‪#‎tdmentorship2014‬‬‬ was and what I learned about myself, my business and my passion for helping and serving people. I met some of the most amazing fitness professionals from all over the world as well as spent 3.5 days being coached by the best in our industry Todd Durkin. I’m recharged and prepared to grow my business and more importantly increase my I.M.P.A.C.T. with my clients and community.

Jeremy Sackett
Pursuit 360
Bellevue, WA

heatherI came to San Diego completely exhausted beyond belief and took a chance to come to the mentorship. I was a little skeptical and really had no idea what to expect. I just knew I needed help NOW. I can happily say I am leaving San Diego with a whole new outlook and purpose for the future. It was amazing meeting everyone, trainers and mentors. I was beyond blown away by everything. I have been to a million seminars, etc in the past and this by far was the most organized, professional and life changing.

Heather Garrigus
Sculpt Pilates & Fitness
Houston, TX

Amanda JessopI got to admit I was hesitant to come to this mentorship (because us logical thinkers never trust our gut, until now!), BUT after meeting all of you, absorbing Todds wisdom, I can’t imagine how my life would be if I DIDN’T come. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your conversations, company, and advice. My life will never be the same…and I’m glad to know this is only just the beginning.

Amanda Jessop
Channel Your Inner Athlete, LLC
Ormond Beach, FL

Geoffrey Wade“I traveled to The 3.5 Day Mentorship hoping to learn more about being a better coach and business owner what I left with was the keys to being a better person. What I learned at the mentorship changed my life. Learning how to organize my business and life, maximize and add to my income and best of all learning to dig deep within myself to find what I need to maximize myself and my mind the 2 biggest parts to success. I went off to San Diego to learn from the Best Trainer, a Man I looked up to. What I gained was a New Focus,New Mindset, New Passion, New Mentor and best of all New Friends and Colleagues. I highly recommend Todd Durkin’s mentorship to anyone looking to be better at Life and make an Impact on the world.”

Geoffrey Wade
Owner and Head Coach
Outlaw Training and Fitness
Southern New Jersey

Bob Poston“My name is Bob Poston and I am the owner and head trainer at Poston’s Fitness for Life located in Dunkirk, Md.  Please visit our website at www.postonsfitness.com and like us on our Facebook page Poston’s Fitness for Life.  We are doing great as we moved forward with doubling our foot print to 5,400 square feet a month after my return from the Fitness Quest 10 2013 3.5 Day Mentorship.  We were able to incorporate some of Todd’s teachings and programs right away and have not looked back since. The investment I made in myself to be part of the team of trainers that Todd selected to attend the 2013 Mentorship was absolutely the best money spent for my professional growth that I have ever made.  The network that has been established is truly priceless.”

Wishing you great health and fitness,

Bob Poston MS, CFT
Dunkirk, MD

Matthew Stocker“Since the mentorship, I have been able to add an additional revenue stream to my business. This has allowed me more family time, more financial independence and allowed me to work on my business instead of always in it!!! The connections you will make at the mentorship will be priceless!!!!”

Work hard, Play hard, Pray hard

Matthew Stocker BA, MA, CPT, YFT, SPN
Owner – Trinity Fitness

Emily Bludman“Coming from a big city, I had initially found it difficult to make it as a trainer in a small town like Big Sky. However, after everything I learned and experienced at the 3.5 Day Mentorship last October, my client base here has multiplied more than I could have imagined. So much of this has to do with the lessons that I learned from you all, as well as the support I have continued to get from our “41 new friends and mentors.” Basically, as I wrap up this winter season, and as I reflect on how amazing it has been to further my training career in Big Sky, I realized that I owed you three, at the very least, a sincere note of gratitude. You have each truly transformed my life and helped me grow into a better person and trainer than I could have ever imagined. I am more motivated than ever to keep making IMPACT in as many lives as possible. Thank you for helping me grow into the type of person I had been striving to be my whole life. I will always remember and credit the three of you for helping me find PURPOSE in my life when I needed it the most.

Thank you again so much for creating such a welcome and progressive change in my life. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate it.”

Emily Bludman
Founder and CEO
East Coast Adrenaline
Big Sky, Montana

“The 3.5 Day Mentorship was truly an amazing experience! I went thinking I’d learn some new exercises and training information and maybe a little on business and meet some new people. It was so much more than that! I truly felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth after the first day. It was the most powerful 3.5 days I ever invested working on my business and on myself. I highly recommend attending!”

Clint Howard MS
Founder and Director
Tulsa Fitness Systems
Tulsa, OK

toraino2“Since doing the TD mentorship our business has truly skyrocketed! The energy is through the roof, and each and every staff was awesome! Our business was already doing very well, we just wanted to do even better. And the mentorship certainly gave us what we were looking for. We applied two programs that we learned from the mentorship that has put us over capacity! We haven’t even scratched the surface with what we learned! I’m so thankful for this program and would definitely do it again. If you’re on the fence as I was for so long, you owe it to yourself to just do it! You won’t regret it!”

Toraino Singleton – Owner/Strength coach
Innovative Strength & Conditioning, LLC
Sacramento, CA

Tiffany Grubaugh“I attended the TD Mentorship program last year as a new fitness business owner.  I was a confident and knowledgeable trainer, but not such a great business person.  The mentorship program taught me so much about being a leader and about having organized systems and processes for my business and for my life… so much, that do this day, months later, I’m still looking back at my notes and implementing new things.  Taking the time and money to invest in the mentorship experience was the best thing that I could have done for myself as a fitness professional.  Not only did I learn more than I could have hoped for, but I made so many amazing connections, and was completely re-energized by the positive and uplifting atmosphere.  I would absolutely recommend this game changing program to anyone and everyone!”

Tiffany Grubaugh
Grand Rapids, MI
Fitness and Sports Performance

“I have been to countless seminars over the past 10 years. Nothing and no one has compared to this mentorship. Todd and his team have given me not only a business plan but a life plan. As Todd says, “Sooner or later everyone of us will have a game changing moment, and this was it! He has helped me not only clarify my business, but my life and my purpose of why I made health and fitness my life’s work and passion. To take your life and business to the next level, take this program! You won’t be sorry.”

John E. Sims
The San Diego Bootcamp

Rich Mejias“Todd’s 3.5 Day Mentorship Program not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by Day #1, not to mention day two and three.”

Rich Mejias
The Edge Fitness Center
Ramsey, NJ

“Todd’s information was insightful not only from an experience standpoint, but it was also motivating and inspiring to hear someone at the top of the industry and very successful still energized every day as if he were just starting his career. Also his resources and suggested readings were very helpful. “The Secrets to Success” presentation has helped me get more organized in my business, and the goal setting sessions we had daily helped me firm up my goals, issues, and direction of my business and how to help balance all of it. I also took away a lot of things from “Achieve More in Less Time” presentation as it helped me with time management, organization, efficiency, and even my overall leadership. I highly recommend this program.”

Eric Hughes
Omega Performance Training
Frisco, TX

Chris Bell“I have been ‘WOWed’!!! A small part of me was hopeful that my investment wouldn’t go to waste. I’ve taken Bootcamp Complete, Going for Greatness, and another class from Todd at IDEA conferences, so I knew that he was motivating. In the past he has inspired me to open my own place! I was sure that the class content would be repeated, but here in San Diego, it has been so much more ‘IMPACTFUL’. Also, the gifts, lunches, party, group classes, and the overall energy of Fitness Quest 10 and the group itself made this experience the best thing that I’ve done in my 11 years in the industry.”

Chris Bell